Denison Motor Model M6
 Description  Engrenax
 Current OEM
 Parts numbers
 Replaces Parts
 Piston & Shoe Assembly  ES13-45680  S13-45680  
 Piston & Shoe Assembly W./ Retainer  ES13-43655  S13-43655  
 Barrel & Sleeve Assembly 6.0  ES13-43657  S13-43657  
 Shaft  E033-53007  033-53007  
 Splined Shaft  E033-57233  033-57233  
 Splined Shaft  E033-92284  033-92284  
 Keyed Shaft  E033-59989  033-59989  
 Aux Drive Shaft  E033-72932  033-72932  
 Creep Plate  E033-71261  033-71261  
 Shoe Retainer  E033-54290  033-54290  
 Piston & Shoe Assembly 6.0 W.C.  ES13-45372  S13-45372  
 Barrel & Sleeve Assembly 6.0 W.C.  ES21-03652  S21-03652  
 Face Plate 6.0  E033-71530  033-71530  
 Keyed Shaft  E033-70579  033-70579  
 Port Plate 6 CIPR  E031-59368  031-59368  


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